Marketing tricks to suck your soul.

The other day when I went to the PLANET ORGANIC at Westbourne Grove in London to get a little fruit supply (normally I buy my organic fruit&veg from the wholesale reseller which is about 10x cheaper but on Sat they’re closed) and while queuing to the cashier I got intrigued by the guy promoting Indonesian low fat, gluten free, low salt tempeh in Orange colour looking Indonesian curry. The man was promoting it as super healthy product to some potential customer. I thought to myself, it cannot be so healthy, even if it’s organic if it’s 1)cooked -small evil 2)closed in the can -big evil. The salesman wasn’t looking very healthy either, he was in his 40/50, he had a little belly with a pretty bolding head, not a healthy look at all. Despite my initial thoughts, encouraged by the promotion guy and feedback on taste by someone next to me I decided to give it a try and taste it. Yum…

Indeed it was delicious and costed only £3.19. Promptly after trying I bought this tasty low frequency food packed in a can just because it simply tasted good and all in all it is not such a toxic product.

On the train back home, which on Sat means 1,5h due to railwork I became really hungry and instead of having my monomeal fruit I thought ‘damn, let me eat this curry right now’. So I opened the can, took a spoon and started stuffing my mouth with the orange sauce. Hang on…..

It doesn’t taste the same like the sample the guy gave me! It tasted so mellow!!
It had similar flavour but definitely lacked two ingredients than the original version I was given to try. Those are : 1) salt 2) sugar. Motherfucker.

So basically they promote this product as low salt, which in fact it is low salt but they sample the customers with salt and again sugar in order to make it tastier and make you to buy it. Fuck you and and fuck your Indonesian curry the naughty company that made buy their product. This is called cheating.


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