Steve Jobs, I love you.

In last few months I have became an owner of the the first MacBook computer in my life. In the past I used to think that apple creations are pretty much overrated and overpriced, yet after another PC, which was equivalent of the price cheapest of the new MacBook Pro retina broke, I decided to stay a little bit more open minded and give it a try.

Honestly, it was one of my best choices ever made and a blessing at the same time. Everything works so super smooth and the infrastructure is actually so simple. I got in love with my MacBook and treat it with the respect as I had to hardly work in order to get it and it has been so far the most expensive material thing I have ever got myself. I understand its value and I have to admit it is worth every penny it costs.

Lucky me,
3 days ago, I was gifted by an amazingly kind and mindful person the newest iPhone6. IT IS MY FIRST iPhone EVER, and I am so satisfied with it! I am so excited discovering bits and bits of Steve Jobs genial product every day. Thanks to my very generous friend Tom I have been able to get a phone I always deeply wanted it but never had enough courage to pay its price, as I used to think it is an expensive toy and personally I prefer to invest my savings in a form of art, self creation and travel instead of spending it on material things, especially priceful gadgets. I attracted the thought of having it gifted by simply thinking about it in my mind and I even used to say that my friends who would take a laugh at my old Alcatel (which I still keep for the music and I have a sentiment for ) that if somebody gifts it to me I am gonna accept it, however I am not willing to pay for it from my own pocket. Et voila, the universe gives it to me in a very unique way. Thank you universe, thank you Steve Jobs and entire apple team and thank you Tom for this extraordinary gift.

I love the camera and apps one can use, Thanks to iPhone6 I am gonna come back onto posting lots of photos and notes every time I feel like it, since it is super easy and convenient to do so.


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