Drop AYAHUASCA, not bombs.

LOVE&PEACE to those who tragically died.
Yet, I feel more  sorry for all of the that live life filled with pity and wrong ideas, because those who died tragically will be reincarnated in new better bodies. Those who commit horrendous deeds, work for their own karma.

Yet, they are  a part of us.

We are one living organism, and they are our fractions that were attacked by the hate virus that leads us to s the elf destruction.

I really hope those people change and become enlightened, if not in this, then in the next life.

We can only forgive them and try to understand that there were raised from the very little in the faulty, full of grief beliefs, their mind wrong, they need LOVE fixing.

 Yet, I want to highlight that EVERY YEAR CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE KILLS ABOUT 18 MLN PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, THIS NUMBER IS GROWING EVERY YEAR DUE TO PROCESSED SUGAR, REFINED OILS INTAKE AND PESTICIDES AND HERBICIDES IN THE FOOD AND GMO PRODUCTS. Think wise, buy organic products, SUPPORT GOOD COMPANIES that want to help you instead of supporting evil people and companies who make money of you. 12 people killed is a little number to number of people and money involved in the GLOBAL MANIPULATION. We are still little to those evil people, but WE ARE GROWING STRONGER by sharing LOVE AND AWARENESS. DROP AYAHUASCA, not bombs.

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