PROCESSED SUGAR could be the reason why you are not getting laid.

PROCESSED SUGAR, I want you to die, I want you to disappear from planet earth and I want you to stop kiling our families, friends, and mostly the future of the planet – the kids.

PROCESSED SUGAR IS 8x MORE ADDICTIVE THAN COCAINE, but it is sold in various forms at every single corner of any street in world. How come we let this happen? How come we let our kids to be addicted from this shit from very early stage? I hear it often at home, when the kids  say ” Mummy I want  a sweet”, meaning “mummy I am getting low on happiness, please give me some sugar to get sugar high again.”

Don’t we realise that by putting this poison we are causing our body to deteriorate slowly and our organs to weaken? Not to mention getting fat. I am sorry guys but  FAT IS UGLY, and BEING OBESE IS NOT NATURAL. None of the animals in the nature apart from those fed by (again) humans are obese.

The fatter you become, the less attractive you are and the less laid back you get (unless you have money or fame, but it’s a different kind of story). THE MAIN LIFE REASON OF ALL ANIMAL KINGDOMS IS TO PROCREATE, to give genes to another generations by simply having sexual intercourse. How far are from our real nature? Don’t we like to have sex?

A lot of us don’t realise that, while some others prefer to be blind, thinking it doesn’t do anything to them while it hurtfully does and some simply don’t care because they are deeply addicted, and processed sugar is their form of happiness. (How sorry I feel for all of them)

These thoughts came to me today as today suddenly  I started craving it and I couldn’t think of the reason why because I never crave sugar on fruitarian diet, until I realised what were the ingredients of not so healthy raw vegan beans I had yesterday.

After two nights of throwing up, the next day  after having my monomeal fruit I was still so exhausted that I decided to have something cooked that would actually give more energy.  I went for  a plain rice first, followed by beans in tomato sauce. They seemed so tasty! No wonder why…


Today, I checked the ingredients. Even though they were low fat and gluten free they had processed sugar added to them. Why didn’t I realise that yesterday? To be honest perhaps I had an idea of it, but I preferred to let myself blind because I wanted to eat them. So I did… Et Voila! Today I am craving sugar, and I am opening all the cupboards checking for the least harmful option at my auntie’s place. Fortunately for me, the no harmful option at my auntie’s place doesn’t exist because ALL the chocolate and treats that she buys are with gluten, milk, refined oils  and weird thing like Esomething I don’t even know.  If there was a gluten and dairy free chocolate 100%  I would let myself go, but because of literally no choice, I had to satisfy myself with nothing.

It is very common for the restaurants and shops to add sugar to their products so that becomes more appealing to the human brain. It is especially common in New York, where I have heard, there is about 18% higher sugar intake due the the fact the put it even into sandwiches and soups. If something seems so delicious to you and you cannot explain it why, it’s probably because of  the culprit sugar or some  other dodgy content that makes it even better tasty.

DO NOT  eat this  SHIT.

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