High on happiness? Stay grateful for everything in life including your eyes which read this.

Everything happens for a reason.

About two weeks ago, I accidentally lost my last pair of eye lenses. Every country I have been it’s never a problem. You simply go to the opticians, you ask for the type of eye lenses you are using, you buy it, and you have it.  That is true everywhere apart  from ENGLAND.

Unfortunately, due to law rules which are meant to protect the patient, it is not allowed for the opticians to sell you eye lenses without a valid prescription. So what are we doing now? There is a solution to that, you need to make an appointment with an optician, get an eye test, get a prescription, then wait for the eye lenses to arrive and then make another appointment.

Loosing my eyes (lenses) happened to me just before Christmas time when the post is slow and some some days are holidays to everyone including the opticians. I am -4D and -4,75D, if you don’t know what does it mean, I can tell you it means I am pretty blind and I won’t recognise you walking on the other side of the street, I am not able to watch tv and even when I am writing this post on my pc, I have to be as close as possible in order to see what I write. So I am pretty blind, and as it happens I haven’t got myself a pair of glasses yet.

It took me literally 2 weeks to get new lenses. 2 weeks not being able to see, not being able to work, not being able to even relax watching movies. NHS, I am -4,5 and even though I am pretty blind I was still able to go to toilet, go to the shop on the corner and go to forest, BUT my mum for example is -8, without glasses, nor lenses she is not able do anything. If a situation like that happens, what my mum is supposed to, for example if she is visting me in England and she her flight back to Poland in two days?

Dear NHS, I understand the precautions you are taking in order to protect us, but why in an emergency situation like that, won’t you allow to sell eye lenses without having an eye test on the complete responsibility of the patients after having signed a form of understanding the risk the patient is taking? First of all, I know exactly what kind of lenses I need, I have been using them for ages, second of all, by being so blind for 2 weeks you are causing my eyes, my brain and my mentality more harm than you would simply by selling me some daily eye lenses until I have the proper ones after the procedure check. Dear NHS, I am making a complain about you and I really hope there will be an amendment to this  SMART but STUPID law. amen.

Anyway… being blind for such a long period of time, and seeing everything blurry made me really self focused. I had so many thoughts and ideas wandering about my head, what I am gonna do once I have my vision back.

Finally yesterday, I received  the  amazing new eye lenses.

WOW, I can see again. ❤

You have no idea how much more beautiful the world is right now to me, and you have no idea how delighted I feel to see.

We very often forget about being grateful for things we take for granted, some people are born blind and we are so lucky to be able to receive visual reality. Thank you universe for this incident which made me realise how lucky I am to see!

For the good things to be grateful for, this is not the end… 2 days ago, due to my juicing detox my body started having really strong symptoms of healing crisis. Two days in a row on  organic orange  juice, which is super powerful,  I would wake up in the middle of the night, throwing up with nothing till the morning. In the first day/night I thought it’s just the initial reaction of so many toxins passing away through my body. It left me exhausted  so much that I had to rest in bed the whole time. Still, I was hoping the next day will be different therefore I continued with OJ the next day. To my sadness the situation was the same. The good thing is that during those two days I had so much mucus leaving my body as I never seen on any other type of juice I did. So I really encourage you to do that and I will try to make another OJ approach maybe in about a year when my body is less toxic than it is now. However, those two sick days left me so exhausted and bounded to bed that the next day after stopping OJ detox, when I woke up so fresh, so rested and so grateful for not being sick anymore I realised how lucky I am to be HEALTHY.

WOW, for some poor people it’s the reality, being bonded to bed, some crazy machines and experiencing many nasty symptoms their body gives them. I feel so sorry for them, I honestly do.

..and I really wish their pain will finish soon and if there is no cure  for them I wish them to die  fast and will be born reincarnated  in a new, better and healthy body.


Health is true wealth, so let’s stay rich and grateful for what we have.  Let the love be with you ❤

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