Tabula rasa. I need a white room.

10849948_10152875288757731_1942306229088049397_n Every time I meet someone who doesn’t have facebook I feel so impressed and respectful towards them. I wish I could do that but due to my lifestyle and fact that most of my friends live abroad I got simply a way too addicted to it. Facebook can be an amazing tool to some, and a reality disrupter to the other. I am not any better, I must admit. Sometimes when I keep on looking at my old posts, those from years, I keep on thinking, what I was trying to show, what was the message behind it? What kind of fake vision does it give to the universe? What is real, what is not real? How many facebook friends do you have and how many real friends you have? What do you want to achieve by posting this and that? Selfies, clothes, places? How much human interaction are we loosing over interaction with LCD screens? Sometimes I really wish to be free and I hope that one day I will have enough courage to stop this, I remember I deleted my fb account for two weeks. It was so weird, no notifications, no scrolling, no messages… no requests.


I just have realised how much time I spend on fb, how many hours do I waste instead of using it creatively… Facebook, I hate you and I love you.  We gonna stay friends, but unfortunately for my own good I have to cut  down on hours we are together. I need  to have  a life, I want go forward with my dreams, I hope you will understand that.

A paradox of my life… being homeless, yet with many places all over the world inviting me to come. Recently I have moved to live with my lovely auntie and her kids into  a beautiful village called Fleet. It’s really amazing here, it’s so green, peaceful and chilled. I have  the nearest forest 2 min away from home, how blessed I am. The atmosphere at the house is also  incredible. I get on really well with my auntie, she has a very young spirit and look thus she’s like one of my best friends who I can tell anything. It’s so important to have someone like that around you. It’s another blessing that the universe brings me now.


Fleet is located only about 40 min by train from London, which makes it very convenient for me. I live next to the nature, yet every time I feel like big city, I just take a train where there’s always a space, unlike in tube, and there’s no traffic jam on the way. Some people in London commute longer than that. London… as much as I love this city, as much I stay away from it. London is so low frequency. What does it mean low frequency? It means that due to all of the mixed emotions of people who live there, distance from the nature, business, wifi routers and pollution this city will produce more fear than a simple village community. I remember I was talking to my friend and I told her about my bad habits going out of control in big cities like London and New York where I was cravingly sneaking on chocolate ( which  I NEVER crave when I am in Ibiza for example) and processed food.  She explained to me that it is due to low frequency vibe the big city have and it happens to me to be so true! I have my eating orders and emotions so much in control when I stay close to where the human beings are supposed to stay…NATURE.

Even though I am very happy here, I feel like I am gonna keep on moving soon. Even though I was  kindly given a  spacey room here, I feel like I need my own room where I stay stay alone with my thoughts and dreams. Room with white walls and wooden floor. Spacey and cosy with  only few little pieces of minimalistic art that won’t disturb my mind, but let me stay focused instead.  I am dreaming of it ❤ Everybody need their own privacy and space. Even if I am gonna stay in any relationship If this relationship is to last long term, I will require my own room and bed. It’s so lovely to snuggle in bed and fall asleep together… yet only once in a while. For most of the time I prefer to sleep alone. I cannot explain why, but I rest better.


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