Welcome to the next level of consciousness.

Good evening. Say hello to LOVE at its deepest meaning, because that’s what 2015 is all about. I can feel it in my bones how incredible the coming times are. I can feel changes in my body, consciousness and standart of living.  The changes are individual for each one of us, thus each one of us can be individually in total control of their quality of life. Albert Einstein said “There are only two ways to live your life. One, is as though there are no miracles. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”.I choose the magic on everyday basis, affirm it, attract the positive thoughts and live in happiness. I see no coincidence at my daily events. Everything is meant to be and life is a magical journey. Ω

I wasn’t writing any notes for a long time. I was busy working on my dreams.  I have few passions in my life and I honestly like to follow the path of practising them all. Yet, I have to admit to those of you (there were few people who told me the following) who said that if you really want to become master at something you need to give your whole time and heart. True that.  I still want to carry on all of my passions but focus mostly on one, treating the other ones as the side dishes of the main course. Slowly discovering and experiencing with things I thought I would like to do for living, I realized  that MUSIC is what makes me the most happy of all and MUSIC is the direction I want to follow. MUSIC is the direction where it happens that I have the most contacts, and MUSIC is the industry that already ask me to play without having much experience. Thank you for this universe, I am so grateful.


What fascinates me in MUSIC over photography, sketching and perhaps writing is the direct response of the audience. Music, actually sound is absorbed by soft things like curtains or human beings and is being bounced of hard things like walls for example. Go into empty room, start playing the music, see the crowd entering the dancefloor and experience how much the atmosphere changes as everything has a direct impact on everything and everything is interrelated. I wish to make people fall in love with melody of my heart, so they can fall in love in my ideas too. I wish to have the power of influencing people, sharing awareness, showing how to really love yourself and the mother nature. It’s my dream to have many followers who I can inspire and cure of mental and physical diseases. I wish to cure people  of anger, frustrasion, fear, dissatisfaction same as I want to cure people out of cancer and diabetes. I am ready to take any steps, literally any, there is nothing that can stop me and I am willing to shock in order to get the attention I want to spread the love I have for all humans, animals and our lovely planet earth.

In December, I have managed to learn basics of music, get a glimpse of notes, had an opportunity to play in a cool club called VERBOTEN in Brooklyn in New York and record vocals for one awesome DJ in London. Sitting and watching my friend making music, I realized how easy it is to make a track if you have what it takes. I remember one pretty wise Russian man told me that speaking so many languages I must have a good ear and should something with this direction, I wasn’t so convinced by then but now, after passage of time,  I am grateful for his advice.

Desolat studio with my great brother RAWRAW
Desolat studio with my great brother RAWRAW

Consciousness… I have to admit that recently I have started hearing my voice, how do I exactly sound  when I open my mouth as if I was out of my body and was another person listening to myself. I wonder if that is the normal event connected with getting mature, or perhaps it’s the detoxification process which has been decalcifying my pineal gland knows as the third eye (apart from fruit detox I have been doing lots of herbs, zeolite and turmeric EVERYDAY),  or the fact that our DNA is changing and we are becoming superhuman or maybe it’s because I started meditation regime and I am forcing myself to do 20 min of peaceful moment a day. It’s super interesting, I never heard myself like this before  and because of my ability I am able to consciously play with my voice, talk and even sing…. I would say it could be all of these factors have contributed to this, yet the detox makes all your senses sharp and clear, I really wish people could realize that they can be much better than they are in case of their physical and emotional strenght.

I get people telling me, why would I go raw, people since ages have been eating cooked food and they were OK. True, I cannot disagree with that, my grangrandmother died at age of 101, even though she had good genes at her last years she was a trouble to a family, because she couldn’t properly function and was causing my auntie night’s sleepless.

BUT…Compare someone who has been eating their life raw with someone at the same age, of the same genes and the lifestyle who has been on cooked food and you will the ENORMOUS difference.  It’s indisputable.

I won’t accept myself at age of 50 looking like old grandmother. I want to be in full bloom and living my life on full, because at the age of 50 is when you have the amazing knowledge of life that you don’t have when you are “young” and the greatest potential of experience if you EAT RAW.

Sorry but I want men to be looking at me and saying : “She’s pretty damn hot, I wanna fuck her.” and I want to achieve this look with a balanced healthy diet that will constantly alkalise my blood and detoxify my organs. Processed food is food that is deprived of nutrients and changed in molecular structure, we are talking about atoms right now and about magnetic charge our food caries. Cooked food contain toxins that cause preaging. I don’t want that in my system.

Some would say, but you have to die of something. Yes, it is very natural to us to age and die NATURALLY, not because of cancer, not because of heart attack nor because of obesity. If you accept yourself that way I give you my blessing, and I understand that this is the path you are taking. Not everyone is like me, I am perfectionist, I like to see a hollywood star in the mirror.

I have learnt in my last month how to detoxify slowly and how to let myself go with food. Let’s treat cooked food as a drug. Yes it’s a drug, because it raises your sugar levels, tickles your senses, fucks up your organs softly and finally makes you crave it.  I see it especially in people surrounded by me, when I am on normal eating  routine that taught me SIMPLICITY and HUMBLENESS with food, I see them coming to kitchen every now and then to get high on nutella, bread, pasta  and all this other stuff.  No wonder why, the food drug raises the sugar level at first and then causes it to go rapidly down…and you’re hungry again, and also because your body is deprived of nutrients you have this feeling of not being satisfied, your body gives you signals, so you grab another PIECE OF SHIT of stuff into your mouth. You’re ADDICTED man, you need a DETOX. So drugs, we are talking about things that please our senses. Drugs are for people, drugs can be used and can be taken if one can keep it in control. I believe a vegan curry once in a while, or a gluten free tomato pasta won’t do a harm to you, same like dropping acid or smoking weed now and then, can only make you stronger. It’s all about the right balance, routine regime as well as having fun in life, that’s my recipe for the healthy happiness.  I am feeling blessed to have met people who taught me and inspired me about healthy living and detox, I am so young and I am already raw vegan, I will be a walking example in 15 years of what kind miracles this diet brings along. I am also grateful to those who taught me how to enjoy my life and a have a little “naughty” pleasure when then time is right.

I used to be addicted to weed, I have to admit. I was addicted that I stopped finding the real pleasure of lighting up a joint because it became my reality. If you do it everyday it’s not the same special thing as if you do it once in a while. Same thing with a food. After I started detoxyfing and having only raw food, you have no idea, how extremely good and enjoyable the cooked food actually become for me. I have learnt how to eat slowly in order to enjoy every single second of it and I didn’t find that pleasure before.

I finished 2014, with having organic tomato sauce with raw kelp noodles pasta and amazingly delicious vegan burger.  I am so happy 2014 is finished, I was so over it, so many things have happened.

So, I am entering 2015 starting with an orange juice detox. I am a little crazy, I went down to the wholesale organic food supplied like 1,5h away from my home only to get 50kg of organic oranges from Italy. I choose them myself, and immediately send them love so that I can consume this love orange consciousness that will help me with a great KICK start for the 2015. How did you start your 2015 new adventure?


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