Attraction of writing.

To write means to express in writing, it means filling in the blank space with letters by  setting down words and production of written account.

I am very attracted to writing and writing is attracted to me.

Since about one year, I have started writing down all my dreams, both metaphysical and material, just as if they have already happened and they exist in my presence.

Some things came to me fast, some I had to wait for a long time some haven´t realized yet, and some of the things I realized I don´t want them anymore in my reality.

Before the summer of 2014 I wrote down a few things I have wanted to achieve. One of those things was to work as a photographer at some cool events in Ibiza.

I have asked for it and the universe provided me the opportunity to do so.  One day in  the hot summer season of Ibiza, I was working as an image dancer at the private villa party organised by my cool people from London called  the HOUSEKEEPING.

Since I am nerd and I love devices, I carry with my little professional camera together almost all the time. Somehow, it appeared that the photographer cancelled and they proposed me an extra job.

So I did it, it was fun… but…. I realized it´s definitely nothing I want to connect my future with. I like taking photos at parties for fun but not for money. First of all it´s too little money, second of all it´s too monotonous for me.

I spent a lot of time developing  about 200 photos, which took me a lot of time. I could have done that much faster, putting one preset on all of the photos but, as a perfectionist, I could never do that. I like to give good stuff credited with my name. HOUSEKEEPING preview below :








Dreams come and go, just like people and money. One day we deeply desire something and sometimes once we get it, we realize this is not what we actually want. Yet, I am still going to continue with noting down everything I want to achieve, I really encourage you to do this. By doing so, we verbalise it. By putting an effort of holding a pen and making movements we make a commitment. Every word and sentence we write has its own conciousness and it is already of form or realization. This realization is a form of attraction.


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