Discrepancy of living.

New York City…. WOW.

I am so amazed of this city and of the people I meet here. I think I am just repeating myself. Such a special place.

The vast range of energies here, lifestyle and vibes is just fascinating. From the extremely happy and vibrating at high frequency beings from whom you can learn, who help you when you are in need and support you when they can, to extremely low, unhappy, and sad people who choose the life of lie and trickery of wasting their own and other people’s energy.

Today when I got into a cab, from the very first moment of meeting the taxi driver, I could feel that he is a very sad person and he does not ´t find any joy in his everyday living. I had a big luggage, he actually made strenuous attempt of helping me out to put it inside of the trunk. I was being nice and polite to him (as I always am to strangers and no strangers), I was smiling.  It caused NO reaction  AT ALL on him. From the point of time I think that the only reason he helped me with the luggage was because he was expecting the tip, he didn´t really want to help me, he just wanted a tip and he was on a very bad way of trying to get it.

He didn´t know the exact way  to  the address where we were going to. When we were getting closer, I realized that I gave him wrong address, instead of saying 30th street I told him 32nd street, which is two blocks away, but we were driving around for a little bit. I saw by his face and his tone of voice that he was getting annoyed about that.

Seriously? I am paying for this service, if I make a mistake it all goes onto my bill anyway, why get annoyed? What is the reason for that? I felt soooo sorry for him to be like that, really.

But that´s not the end. When we finally arrived at the destination I didn´t know exactly the proper instructions  of paying with a credit card in a NYC cab. He was so impatient trying to explain me that it made me feel nervous too. When I was about to process the payment, by a mistake instead of putting 1$ as a tip (despite I thought he was one of the worst taxi driver services I have ever had, I still decided to share some of my little money with him, I though it would make him less bitter, he´s so sad, I thought he deserves at least something even when it´s “nothing”.), I accidentally put 0,01$.


I was shocked. How can this guy be yelling at me? I would never ever dare to do that onto anyone.  Effort? What kind of effort is he talking about? Effort  of using his head and forcing his  brain hippocampus to work for a little bit and find the location? Is that an effort? He didn´t even know the exact address. WOW.

For some reason, my card payment was declined.

I said to him  : I did that by a mistake, I was about to give you 1$ tip for your service, but right now I am not keen on giving you anything because of the way you treated me.

I paid, I said thank you and goodbye. He didn´t come out to help me with the big luggage I had, as he did at the beginning.

What an impudence this guy have. For example, in Japan, where I used to live, people do their duties with so much proud, respect  and devotion to the job they have. They are just happy, and they accept the life they have even if it´s a shitty job.  EVERY JOB, every shop, every taxi you enter, they greet you with a smile welcoming you loudly ¨OHAYOGAZAIMASSSSS¨. And the best thing is that in Japan they don´t expect a tip from you, they are just nice they way they are. I wish people in the world would have this attitude, there are many things we can learn from western cultures.

Featured photo taken by the amazing Chris Lamb when I met him in Berlin in winter 2014.

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