Honesty with yourself and a Word Of The YEAR – to realize.



verb \ˈrē-ə-ˌlīz\

: to understand or become aware of (something)

: to cause (something) to become real

: to achieve (something, such as a goal, dream, etc.)

I have realized that I was not ´t honest with myself. I was honest with other people, but I wasn´t honest with myself.  Since whatever image of myself I  gave to an each particular person, they don´t know the whole story about me and my life, they don´t know what kind things I am doing, they don´t know my whole what past and  neither they know what did I eat last night… By giving them missing information (  and that´s how I would call a fact, when you ESTIMATE something based on NOT seeing the whole thing, but just a part of it) I created an image of me I wanted others to have, and at the same time,  I got an excuse for  myself to continue whatever I have chosen not be honest about (with myself).

I feel so rich right now. Rich… of  the knowledge that I realized that I was misleading myself just like a psycho. We all do that sometimes. Luckily when we really love and respect ourselves we come up to an idea that if something is not working out for us the way we are doing it right now,  something has to change. When something isn´t working out for you, NEVER GIVE UP, just take a different approach.

I remember I was reading about it in one of  Carl Jung´s theories. It´s like  a state of, let me call it, mental and at the same time physical, self healing. Damn, I really want to read whole book of him, he´s so interesting. I am so happy right now, I feel so relieved. I can breath again.


photo on 09-11-14 at 07.13

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