Thank you Ivan Portento for the amazing Artwork. It´s sooooo me.

Ivan is my Spanish “cousin” who is not my real cousin, but I feel super connected to him just as if were born in the same family. I simply love hanging out with him. Every time we are together we do a lot fun and creative things. I really like the way he expresses himself and every time we do something together it´s like a great team.

I know many people like Ivan, with whom I just click, and want do do art, produce something, paint something, destroy something and redo something. I would be so happy to live in an environment of cool artists  where everyone just connects and share something together.

I have a clear image of a place where a lot of young poets, singers, actors, models etc that would be meeting up together, socialising and fighting for a higher purpose of protecting the freedom, the mother earth and peace.

I imagine that platform becoming powerful and famous and whatever comes out from that house is loved by people. There is always someone who appreciates the artwork with money. That´s one of my dreams.

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