Just one word and brings such a strong impulse to the mind. When I was swirling around at the club, I started just for fun screaming loud : SEX!

That´s it , just like that : SEX! SEX! SEX SEX!

It’s so interesting to see how people react to this. SEX.

This one word has probably made you read this post just like many others visitors who just like you were partly led by their instinct.

LSD.  I simply love the sensation of the deep thoughts, enhanced senses, clear mind  and happiness. Every time  I use it something new changes in me, every time something new emerges. I really wish that people would be doing acid instead of cocaine for example, parties would be so much more fun… Japan is the place where that happens, and this is where I was shown this amazing mind medicine. If you think about how psychedelic, creepy, detailed, colorful and weird some of the japanese design is, you must realize doesn’t come from the fact that they are just talented ( that’s just one thing), they simply drop a lot of acid!

Lsd opens your mind and enhances capability of your brain. So when we drop acid, we tend to hear better, see better and even feel better. Yesterday I went to  the amazing party I was lucky to be invited to. It was a Birthday Bash of MARTINEZ BROTHERS at the private villa. I simply love their vibe and style, they just seem like really cool boys, I was so lucky and grateful to have a possibility to be there. I  am a big fan of their sexy beat. I have to admit, that their music  sounds so good to me that it makes me go crazy sometimes. Their latino style is very sensual and always gets trance. My legs just automatically start wiggling.. Can’t help it, it just happens.

After the party moved inside of the house, the little “dj” room where everyone people bouncing and screaming  and…. emited a lot of sexuality. I don’t know if they were high on mdma or if it was me being super sensitive on acid, but I just felt so much people  and the music that I was getting horny!

In the moment when I was having sooooooo much fun the music stopped and the brothers decided to shut the party.  I was like : ” Martinez Brothers Seriously? this is it? In the moment where it was having so much fun on the dancefloor?You can’t just make me have so much fun  and   and  then tell me to go home, that’s not fair!”

I was a little bit dissapointed, but I had a really great time so I forgave them, simply.


Thank you boys,


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