Determination. FUCK THE DOCTORS. Fruitarian way.

I have been a fruitarian since June of this year. It’s not easy and it requires a lot of self-discipline.  I follow this path because I am very conscious of all the chemistry that happens in our bodies after eating certain types of food. If somebody told me  last year that I in the future I am going to live only on fruits, I probably wouldn’t belive them.

Being a fruterian came to me suddenly. At the beginning of June I met an amazing girl called Ruby, who is now my very good friend. When I first saw her at my friend’s party called Kave in Ibiza, I thought : “What is she doing here? She’s like 14 or something?!”.

Then… when I finally got to talk to her, she told me she’s 27 and she studied detoxification and she is constantly detoxifying, alkalising and regenerating by being a fruterian since 4 years.

I was very surprised. Her, let me call “being” was literally glowing. Her body and her skin seemed to be unbelievably perfect to me, definitely not like a body of 27 years person. Apart from the amazing state of health, her attitude confidence and grace, the way she speaks is full of so much love and understanding that without any doubt I decided to trust her lifestyle.

Below, there she is



10481030_1472769856301459_4159049569253105346_n 10520097_1493591800885931_2741972842880142674_n

Check out Ruby’s newest youtube video on her Channel : Ruby Wants Fruits

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Why fruit? Because fruit is 80% water content and it flushes all the toxins out of your body. Fruit sugar is the simplest form of energy for our stomach to digest.

Fruit, if unprocessed and eaten in the way the nature gives it to us is more alkalising than  fresh vegetables  or any other kind of food.

It has been scientifically proven that first human beings that were  stepping on this earth had their teeth adapted to eating fruits and vegetables, they were not able to chew meat.  Imagine if you are in the jungle or a forest, and you find a banana tree and few steps later you find a broccolli, if you were hungry, would you rather go for bananas or  would you rather some broccollis?

You would go for bananas.

Many people would say but fruits are high of sugar. Oh yes, they are! But this sugar is good for us and gives us  vital force energy to maintain our everyday life.

Why do we need to detoxify constantly?  Unfortunately we have polluted our mother earth so much that even in the soil and in the air there are heavy metals, radioactive toxins and other pollutants which literally kill us.

Why did I decided to go so extreme and strict?

The reason is very simple, since I started growing up, I always used to have problem with my skin. I was having breakouts all over my face since I was 15. My family used to tell me that it’s normal at that age and it’s going to pass away with time. I was growing up but the problem was only rising. I tried many  different antibiotics, many different ointments, products and natural oils  but nothing seemed to work. I  was taking the strongest drug available for acne called roaccutane, twice. It worked in the moment when I was taking it, once i stopped the acne came back. If I think right now what kind of harm I was doing to myself by taking this medicine, I just want to apologize to my body for being so cruel to myself. Roaccutane  stops the skin from producing sebum so that bacteria have no environment to live on. It has so many side effects and it literally destroys stomach, liver and kidneys. Roaccutane does not cure the reason of acne. It only suppresses the symptoms, just like all pharmaceutical drugs do. Doctors  are practitioners and  they do not cure the reasons, they only suppress the symptoms. What we need are the healers, people who can actually heal us and helps us the regenerate our bodies.


Drug companies are owned by the same people who own  the biggest food companies. DO we see the connection? We first buy their food that poisons us and then we buy their drugs that are supposed to cure us.  FOOD INDUSTRY AND HEALTH INDUSTRY DISGUISTS ME.

I realized that there is something wrong not with me, but with the food I eat, so I slowly, about one year ago started transitioning with becoming first vegetarian, then vegan and then finally fruitarian. A vision and a dream of a beautiful healthy skin in me is so strong that I will do anything it requires to achieve that. I will not stop until my skin becomes baby smooth just as I was always dreaming about. I will not give up.

I am desperate and determinated.

I started my fruit lifestyle with 1 week of watermelon juice detox. This detox is very simple, your only source of energy is watermelon juice. You can drink it as much as you wish. In my case it was about 5l of watermelon juice per day.


2014-09-20 18.35.41

In those days I have lost about 4kg and my skin started breaking out since my body has been flushing the toxins out and excreting mucus I have accumulated during my 24 years of eating “normal food”.

Since then I continue my diet with monofruit meals. When you eat mono, you save energy for digestion since your stomach needs to produce only one type of enzyme and you absorb all of the nutrients from this food.

Generally there are some type of fruits that you should never mix together because of different kind of acids they contain. Like for example you should never mix a banana with a strawberry because it can slower your digestion down and your food can go rancid inside of your tummy.


FoodCombining1 (1)

I  try to eat seasonal and local fruits. Right now it is mostly watermelons, melons, oranges, bananas, mangoes, apples, grapes.

I really wish to have some salad sometimes, but  when had my human design diet  ( I will mention about it in a future posts) revealed it came out that I have a stomach of a prehistoric type just like a caveman. It basically means that I cannot eat ANYTHING that is mixed because my belly cannot handle that and everything mixed I would it becomes first of all poison for me, second of all it doesn’t provide me any value so I continue to be hungry and I continue to eat. Actually many people have that. I remember my ex boyfriend was calling me a Nibbler, since I was eating all the time. I was always hungry, yey thanks to my genes I never put on weight, but obviously I had other issues.


  1. Wonderful article.. I loved reading it. You’re beautiful. I have ‘talked’ to.Ruby alot in instagram and social media. Would you day. I am.going on a fruit farm.near Malaga for a few months soon. I just went to.the Spain Raw fruit festival. It was great. You should year 🙂 I think it is the cheapest fruit festival with best quality food. I went to Woodstock last year and this is just as good. Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have my reasons to fight. There are aspects of the medicine I am grateful for, if not the newest technology knowledge and science my little cousin wouldn’t have been alive now however there are many aspect I find as simply wrong and if I had a power to change I would rock the whole system.
      sendidn you good vibes 🙂


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