No expectations, no barriers, shit/art and magic.

I am so positively surprised by the feedback about my blog! I didn’t have any expectations before I decided to set up an account. I am so happy to hear that since I trully enjoy writing.

There are many things I really enjoy doing in life and they are all connected with the  self expression. I like sketching and painting, I like making photography, I like making music, I like modelling and acting, I like learning languages, I like dancing, I like making people concious about the food and our planet earth. I am happy doing this for my own pleasure and I would be so happy if I could make some money with each of listed above and be known not by my name, not as a photographer, not as a model, not as a musician, but as a personality. Sometimes when people ask me what do you do in your life  or what is your goal, they say you cannot do many things at the same time.

Everytime I hear that, I silently explode and just calmly response: ” Yes, you can. You can do everything in your life you truelly wish and desire, you can be whatever and whoever you want to be, you just need to open yourself up and stop restricting yourself from achieving that.  And yes, you can be good in as many categories as you wish to and it is only you who can control that.”  When I hear someone who tries to lay a barrier ” no you can’t do this, it’s not the right city, that’s not gonna work out” I feel deeply sorry inside for them and I simply forgive them close-mindess and I make a good wish for them in my heart so that they would become more open.

Look at Leonardo Da Vinci,  he was a great mathematician, philoshoper, biologist and painter.  Sceptic would say ” He’s a genius everyone knows but he’s dead, he’s more of mystery, not a truelly appealing example and how can you even compare yourself with Da Vinci?”

I  know few people who are my friends and do many different activites and they make money from doing so. I personally know an amazing artist who takes  JUST incredible photos, paints and works as a  great DJ at same time, with a different name than his photographer name, so that nobody would recognize him and label him : “oh he’s a photographer, he cannot be good as a DJ and reversable he’s a Dj, he can’t be good at photography”. YES HE  CAN, and you can do that too.

Also I have heard about musicians, who have different names for their different  type of music in order to not be associated with any particular kind.

You cannot have more than one passion? Yes, you can!

And in my opinion, everyone is an artist.  We all need a form of self expression and the reason why people suffer from depression is due to the lack of spiritual connection with the real self they abandon. If everyone would be having at least some type of activity they love and helps them to realease their stress how much happier this world would be?

Feeling sad? Write about it. Feeling angry? Paint it.

How good we gonna be at the certain category depends on how much time we are going to spend on it. I have seen so far, that the more you practice the more skilled you become at everything. I used to think I was very bad at painting and I never had a talent for that  and then suddenly thanks to my amazing artist friend from Barcelona who taught me many things about art and life I realized that I can sketch too and  from my  intially very bad drawings I started to become more skilled in my hands and sketches would become more and more complex.

And even at the very beginnings when my sketching were not so neat and I personally was not so satisfied with them, my friend Laura would say ” It’s beatiful,  I like it, even if it’s not perfect, that’s what makes it perfect and this is something that I always say to kids when I teach them painting”.

Hearing that your work is beautiful, make you believe in that and you start producing beautiful output. It’s all about the consciousness and all about pushing people forward  not backward.

When I showed my sketching to my ex boyfriend he litereally commented that they were shit. I told him ” Even if you don’t like it, you cannot say to someone that their work is shit, it’s not gonna help you and not gonna help the other person either. Would you say that to your kid who is showing the drawings he made?”

So he responded ” but you are not a kid. You should better stick to photography.”

“So what I am not a kid, do I have different feelings than a kid? Suggest me what should I improve and what shall I change instead of saying my work is shit.”

Even if my shit/art ( btw it’s such a cool  name ^^) is not appealing to someone, I don’t care, I feel it’s much nicer way of spending time this way than  doing activities that do not bring any result.

Below, a little bit of my sketching

Check out that shit 🙂






Fridge collage art

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