Reincarnation, self/love and my paradise. I am just happy.

Reincarnation is  a scientific fact that has been officially proved by many great researchers. I am so happy that more and more people realize that and become conscious of what really life is and that we have many bodies until the soul finishes the journey and enters  the nirvana state. In Asia and India for example, consciousness about reincarnation is something very common.

Apparently some of the souls that are here on this planet, have been reincarnating on the earth since the beginning of human beings, far before the Jesus Christus.

Check out about this incredible story of little boy James, age 3, who is talking about his previous  life as war pilot who died in a plane crash :

Dr. Ian Stevenson proof :

I believe and feel that I contain no karma or very little karma. I would really love to make a past life regression with a specialist and find out what my origins are. Yet, I don’t feel like I come from this planet, I rather feel like it’s the first time I have been on this earth.  I feel very different to a lot of people, I feel very pure and I really wish to share  all that love  that is inside of me to everyone. I  am so happy to be myself.

I am so happy to have lived in many different countries. I honestly feel super rich because of that.  I feel rich in experience and the  intrahuman knowledge  which I have acquired  on other cultures, and  I have subconciouslly applied  certain aspects , which I really liked from particular nation, to my personality. That all affected the way I speak now and the way I think. Basically every country we go to, we adapt something from the mentality of the people,  and we adapt something from the language.  I have read an article which was based on scientific research on people who speak several languages stating that as many languages as we speak the more dimensional we think since every language creates a new platform, a completely new level in the brain. I am so happy and glad that I know speaking 5 languages, 4 fluently.

I feel very valuable to myself and very grateful to myself for all the crazy shit I and incredible stories I have packed myself to. I  feel extremely lucky and I am extremely grateful for having an opportunity to live in such an amazing spiritual place like my friend Eric’s villa in Ibiza sweetly called CASA GAZEBO.  Thank you Eric and Sergio, it has been a real pleasure to stay here with you. Below, the amazing Buddha and the yoga reatreat where I do my excersises.



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