Relationships sex and love.

Sometimes I wonder how does it feel to be in relationship with someone that you love and you find sexually attractive.

What is love?

To me love is something  unconditional and it’s the feeling  that I have for all of my friends and family. I have great respect for all of my ex boyfriends but to be honest none of it I could call a pure love, although all my ex relationships were amazing. What I had for my ex boyfriends was a fascination.

And if I was ever heart broken, it was me who made me like this. What are the feelings if it us who create them? Feeling are nothing else but concepts we have create in our head and we grow this belief stonger with the passage of time. I do not blame anyone for the tears I dropped, it was me who dropped them.

Sometimes when I listen to the sometimes boring stories of my girlfriends, this guy did this, that guy happen that, I wonder… why such stories never happen to me?

I simply stopped getting excited  over the chemistry and I  started to attract really nice people. I get excited over personalities, regardless the sex. With the ticking clock I became super consciouss  about sexual partners I choose. I used to be very wild when I was younger, since these sexual sensations were one of my many addictions. Now, I have everything under control and I am able to keep myself calm. I used to have weakness for pretty boys and as a pretty girl I never had problems with getting them so that caused the rollercoaster in my bed.

Anyway, there are not many man who can satisfy me since I am a fetishist and many guys see that as weird. It is quite a claim  to post on internet but, it’s my blog and I have the right to write here whatever I want and, with a hand on my heart, I have nothing I want to hide. This is how I am, and I accept myself the way I am.

A Perfect Relationship?

To me  a perfect relationship is the one that is based on long-term friendship rather than chemistry. Chemistry is a great addition, but it wouldn’t work just by itself. Sincerely the only type of relationship that is working out for me is the OPEN one. If the next love finds me, I will want my boyfriend to sleep with other woman and I will want to sleep with other guys. We are free people, we should not be bonded by anything or anyone. Why should we restrict our nature? Why would we have less fun when we can be more loving and acceptable?

If there’s a cool girlfriend that my boyfriend likes, why wouldn’t he have fun with her? If he likes her, I am pretty sure she’s cool, so I propably get along with her too. I am not sure if I would want to participate in threesome all the time, but I would be happy to watch or give them a blessing for some naughty times. I would be happy if he gives her the same love as he gives me. We should all be loving and sharing each other. We are not objects to be own.

You can love many woman, and you can love many man.

So I do love many people, and I share this love to everyone.

I am so bored of boring girlfriends and boyfriends who are stuck in their toxic relationships. They are addicted to each other since perhaps they cannot imagine their life other way.  I feel pretty sorry for guys, who when they are with their girlfriend behave completely different as if they weren’t with them (same applies to girls). I would never let situation like this happen. I want to be a free spirit and act freely, honestly, just like my heart tells me at ANY TIME no matter who is around me.

A perfect partner should be like wild animal that has been domesticated without a force, but with a lot love and kindness.


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