Parties and Water.

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I am very lucky to get invited to the best parties around the globe. Wherever I go, I always get some amazing invitation. What I really love about parties in Ibiza is good music, beautiful people and the sun. If I think try to imagine, the same DJ, playing the same music but for example in Berghain in Berlin, where the setting is not as beautiful as in Ibiza, people are not as smily as in here, and the club is generally dark and dirty my body subconsciously rejects that. When I used to live in Berlin, I did not go out so much, I was rather staying home than joining this whole junkie world.

Junkies… I seriously don’t mind people taking drugs, I used to do that myself. If someone likes it and that makes him happy and he is able to carry on with normal life  and does not look fucked up and has strong genes to continue this marathon, I give him my blessing. Most of the people I hang out with do drugs. Perhaps I would do drugs too if I wasn’t concerned about my health that is very fragile.

Actually, I even like it when people around are high. When I go out and there is a crowd of flying high people around me, I get high on their energy. I am so sensitive to people’s energy that I get high just by hanging out with someone who is high. I love that, I get no side effects and I am super conscious about everything happening around me.

The only things, which I consume sometimes, but I do not consider those as drugs but as a mind medicine, is weed, magic mushroom and LSD. Yet, all of those I consume with moderation and not on daily basis.

I do not drink ANY alcohol. It’s pure poison, I personally believe it’s so much worse than drugs. It drains your liver and poison you from the inside. When I go out all I drink is WATER.

If you see me dancing crazily at the party it’s not because I have taken a pill like many people would think, but it’s because I am high on WATER and maybe a FRESH FRUIT JUICE and perhaps I had two or three puffs of weed. That’s all I need to get myself rolling on the dancefloor. Actually, I don’t even need that if the music and vibe is great I just roll on my natural internal happiness ecstasy.

When you take anything too much or too often, it stops working on you and you need to higher the dose each time you take it again. When you smoke a lot of weed for example, you loose your short term memory. It happened to me as well. Thanks God I realized that in time. I remember the situation where I was with my friend in the hotel, and somebody showed us the way from the SPA to the reception. After SPA treatment I did not remember the way back, while my friend was walking so confident forward just as if she knew the place for long time. I was so surprised she remembered everything. When I told her ” Wow, you remember all the way back”, she was surprised at me “oh, you do not remember? I thought it’s super easy. It’s probably because you are smoking too much weed and that kills you short term memory”. I couldn’t disagree with her. Since that moment I have stopped smoking regularly and I restricted myself from buying.

When I smoked the first joint after long time of not smoking I realized how delicious and how peaceful marijuana is. When I was smoking everyday I didn’t feel that, because smoking marijuana became my reality. After a long break, I  honestly enjoyed so much more every single second of the burning little thing in my hand.

I think it’s necessary to have breaks in everything, even in personal relationships so that you have something and someone to miss after.

Coming back to the great parties, 90% of the best parties happen in private villas. There is nothing better than selected crowd with no ugly tourists, incredible DJs playing only for YOU in an incredible villa, and, you have all the beverages and sometimes, even nice food for FREE. Could  it be any better than this?

There’s always swimming pools in the villas. I simply love dancing in the swimming pool. There is something magic in the water for me. Obviously, as a cancer I am a water sign and I am so much happier when I live next to some source of water. When I dance in water I simply want to close my eyes go deeper with the trance and disconnect from the reality.

Below I attach photos from one of the parties I have recently been to. It was Shyra’s Birthday Party, one of the locals from Ibiza social network. Shyra, I am very happy and greatful for letting me be there. It was a great party, nice location and great costumes. I had a lot of fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again. Every day we should celebrate our birthday, everyday is special. Everyday is LOVE. AMEN.

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