Restless Dreamer Gypsy Dream.

Many people when asked don’t know what is their biggest dream.

I simply wish to be healthy and have healthy and fit weight family. I desire a polutant free earth with free energy available to everyone. I am very happy to see that human beings become more and more conscious and I truly believe that we are going to experience a pure revolution very soon.

Imagine a world with no taxes, no administration and  no  barieers but  full of love instead.

Living day by day, living in  a country by country has taught me a lot of humility towards life and it accosted me to the gypsy lifestyle. I honestly cannot imagine being bonded in some place, stepping the same path day by day in the monotonous melancholy  of the reality. My parents very often worry about my future and about grumble about my up to date achievements.  I do not fear anything, the universe has always been very kind to me and I always find my way to the happiness.

With a hand on my heart, I feel richer than any of my colleagous who I have grew up with. Travelling makes you rich, rich in experience, knowledge and good friends. Nobody can take this luggage of memories from me, these images are priceless  and cannot be compared with each other. Every country I have lived in was special and had something interesting for me to offer.

Right now, as usually for the summers I am based in Ibiza. The energy and flow that this island offers is  just incredible. Once you fly in, you always fly back. I am very lucky to have been involved with the real Ibizenko life and I am extremely grateful to have found a second home in the overseas of Spain.

I am very happy here.  Most of the times during the days I do my detox retreat, I study some articles, take photos, and do my art. Detox?

What are you trying to detox from, people I meet always ask about that.

I am detoxing from my 24 years of my old lifestyle and diet. Right now, a fruitarian, eating 95% fruits.  Even, eating only organic we should all be detoxing, since there is so much toxins we absorb from the air.

It’s funny to watch people same reaction: a fruiterian? but fruit is full of sugar, it’s not good for your pancreas they say.

Actually it’s the opposite. Sugar fruit is called fructose and it its the simpliest form of naturally ocurring sugar. What the body needs to fuction is ATP,  when ATP is sent to every cell of the organism, the body get energy to function. The easiest source of ATP is the glucose and that can come from natural fruit sugar.

Naturally occuring sugar fruit does not cause rapid grow of sugar blood level if we have a healthy diet. Fruits are 80% water content and they flush all the nasty substances out of the body changing your body stomach fluid to alkaline.  Below video of fruiterian measuring his sugar level after eating 14 bananas. The guy suffered from hypoglycemia  and diabates type 2 that he reversed with the fruitarian diet.

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